Snow & Ice Melting

Convenience, Safety and Reliability

Imagine never having to shovel snow again. The same snow and ice melting systems keeping hospital entrances clear of snow and ice can do the same for your driveway and sidewalk. They’re configured much like our radiant floor heating systems except they’re installed underneath driveways, sidewalks, patios and carports.

Snow and ice melting systems operate by circulating warm fluid (usually antifreeze and water) through PEX pipes placed underneath the surface, providing a safe and reliable way to keep outdoor areas clear of snow and ice. With proper design and installation, systems provide long-term performance and reliability. In addition to the safety benefits, you won’t have to worry about messy salt and chemicals being tracked inside.

Our systems install underneath virtually any type of surface – concrete, asphalt, or under pavement (sand or crushed stone).

A complete control line for electric and hydronic snow melting systems…

Snow melting can be an expensive operation; however, proper energy-saving controls can help reduce the operating costs.

Safety is another consideration in snow melt system design. Most snow melt systems are designed to provide snow and ice free surfaces for the safety of pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

These systems also require a control strategy that prevents damage to the slab and equipment.

Energy Saving Functions

  • Automatic snow/ice detection
  • Warm Weather Cut Off
  • Cold Weather Cut Off

Operational Functions

  • Automatic snow/ice detection
  • Outdoor reset to compensate for sudden outdoor temperature changes before the slab surface freezes
  • Idling for faster pick up times

Hydronic Snow Melting System Protection Functions

  • Slab thermal shock protection
  • Maximum Supply temperature limit for tubing protection
  • Boiler shock protection
  • Prevention of boiler flue gas condensation
  • Viscosity compensation for faster slab pick up times
  • Accurate slab temperature control
  • Slab Outdoor Reset